– Custom themes vs pre-built, why should you always choose custom?

24th November 2022
Written by Leigh Rostron

If you're ready to launch a website for your client's business or your own agency, there's no better time than now. In fact, we recommend launching a custom WordPress site because of its ease of use, robust functionality, and excellent search engine optimization capabilities. We'll explain why in this post!

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WordPress is open source.

Open-source software, like WordPress, allows you to customize the code to meet your needs. This is a good thing because it means you can hire developers to modify the code for you and not be restricted to certain designs and functionality

WordPress supports themes and custom designs.

As you go through the process of building your website, you have the option to choose between using a theme or hiring a custom designer. Themes are pre-designed templates that can be purchased from WordPress and then uploaded to your website. The downside with this is that they can be quite restricted and you are limited to the blocks and elements that are supplied with these themes. It can also make it difficult to tweak the website as you scale your business. Trying to add custom code into a pre-existing theme can be like defusing a bomb in some cases.

Custom WordPress development is generally more expensive than themes, but it allows for more freedom in creating exactly what you want for your website. It also makes it much more scalable if you plan to expand the website in the future. This give’s your website a much longer shelf life and allows you to add new functionality and front-end elements as and when the need arises.

WordPress is easy to use.

What you do not want to do is pay to have a website built and then have to pay a developer every time you want to change some content or add a new page. There are many different ways a WordPress website can be built. For example, the way that we build our websites means that you can make any changes to your website easily. We use a page builder called Gutenberg with ACF. This is a simple drag-and-drop system that utilizes the blocks of the website which can be reused to create new pages. You can also very easily access the CMS and update any content as easily as writing an email.

This modular way of building a website makes it highly scalable and means you can have a developer create new blocks when you need them rather than developing an entire template.

WordPress is SEO optimized.

WordPress is SEO optimized. As an open-source platform, WordPress is constantly being improved and updated by thousands of developers all over the world. If a website is built on top of WordPress, it automatically has an advantage over other sites because there is always someone working to improve its functionality and make it more user-friendly.

WordPress also has a built-in SEO plugin called Yoast which can help you optimize your content for search engines like Google and Bing so that people can find your website when they search for certain keywords or phrases. You don’t have to worry about updating any code as soon as Google changes its algorithms since there are updates made available almost every week!

WordPress has built-in blog functionality.

WordPress was originally a blogging platform. It’s easy to use, easy to customize, and comes with a large community of users and developers who have created thousands of plugins for it. If you are looking to add some new functionality to your website there is likely a plugin that can help, if not the functionality can be built custom. It’s a swift, secure, stable, and robust software that has over 60 million active installs today!

Custom WordPress sites are great for all businesses

If you have worked on your own or a client’s digital presence previously, then you probably already know how important your website is. It’s the first impression that potential customers will have of your business and it’s vital that it looks professional and has all the information they need to make a good decision. A custom WordPress site is perfect for this as it can be tailored to your needs.

Custom WordPress sites are also great for larger businesses because they offer flexibility to do things like add new pages when necessary and make changes by editing existing content instead of having to create new posts from scratch every time there are updates needed; which saves time and money!

Custom WordPress sites are secure

There is a common misconception that WordPress websites are a security risk. This can be the case when using paid-for themes or poor development practices. When built in the right way they can be very secure indeed, when building a WordPress website we would always advise using a minimal amount of plugins and of course, ensure that the right precautions are being taken when hosting the website.

One of the biggest mistakes we see when it comes to WordPress security is not keeping up with the maintenance of the site such as Plugin and Core WordPress updates. The updates bring with them a wealth of security updates to ensure you are at much less risk of a security breach.

Custom WordPress can work with other systems.

In a digital world like today, it is important that your systems are speaking to each other, whether that be to a CRM, appointment booking system, or invoicing such as Xero. the great thing with WordPress is that it is relatively easy to integrate it with a lot of external systems which makes it ridiculously easy to pass data from your website to any other systems where that information needs to be.


In conclusion, the reasons to use a custom WordPress website are numerous but quite simply is that it is easy to use and can be customized to suit any business needs. Want to learn more? Get in touch for a chat

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